Core Return






Diesel Doctors  parts may come with an associated core fee, or core deposit. Credits will be given on your Credit Card. Any core charges credits/refunds may take up to 14 days to be processed. When you purchase a remanufactured engine block, cylinder head, fuel injector, pump, or other mechanical and/or electrical component, you are expected to return a core that can be rebuilt with normal, industry standard, parts and procedures, referred to as a rebuildable core. Upon receipt of a core, it will be received, logged, and then inspected by the appropriate department before being submitted to our accounting department for full. Cores received after 45 days from delivery will not receive more than 65% credit. Cores deemed unrebuildable, not “like for like”, or incomplete may receive no credit, and can be returned to you provided there is no open balance on your account. Unacceptable cores will be held for an additional 30 days, then discarded.

 All return shipping charges are to be paid by the customer.

 You may only submit one core for one product. You may not continue to submit cores, even if your original core was deemed unacceptable without prior documented approval. Some of the primary, yet preventable core disqualifiers are rust, on iron or steel components, and shipping damage, caused by poor packaging on smaller, plastic or cast aluminum items.

Returning a rebuild-able core, in a reasonable amount of time, prevents our staff from having to spend time, and cost searching for suitable cores elsewhere, from which we can re manufacture an exceptional product for the next customer. Please allow sufficient time for a returned core to reach us and be inspected before calling to check on your refund. Cores received without the following paperwork included IN BOX will not be credited.