Bullet Proofing The 6.0

The difference in bullet proofing with Diesel Doctor versus other companies is that our ‘Bullet Proofing’ addresses all known issues of the 6.0 liter engine, so it is specific to the year model. For example the 2003 and 2004 year models use a different bullet proofing than that of the 2005 to 2007. Bullet proofing is an ambiguous term that describes nothing, so it is important to us that the customer knows exactly what they are getting. If I was to say I was replacing your Head Gaskets you would know exactly what to expect, but when I say I’m Bullet proofing , it doesn’t tell you what we will be performing.

So let’s look at this and show you the differences of what we do and why we do them. For the Bullet proofing of the 6.0 L Engine, I’ll address the obvious known failures of Head Gaskets, But not only that they failed but what was the reason for the failure. What we use is a 230 lb. stencil strength rod by ARP, it is not a torque to yield bolt, like the original OEM. It has a Higher Grade steel and does not stretch under load. We use Velcro Head Gaskets which have a copper insert for the push rods. They are a higher upgraded Gasket from the OE. We replace the SCT Fitting which is a snap to connect fitting on the 2005 to 2007s, which have a 100 % failure rate, causing High pressure oil Leaks which will leave you stranded on the side of the road we also replace the stand pipes and the dummy plugs and the oil rail with upgraded Teflon backing these were upgraded, we use new rocker carrier gaskets that insure that you do not obtain any leaks around your rocker carriers we also replace all injector o rings and seals we replace the oil cooler and flush the block extensively we also delete the EGR cooler the correct way as to not have failure of the up pipes at a later date we install the blue spring fuel upgrade to insure 10 psi more fuel pressure to your injectors. For longevity we clean the turbo which many times this is what leads to failure of head gaskets, do to variable geometry turbo veins sticking and causing failure of head gaskets. We install a coolant filtration kit which insure that no sediment or debris stop up the oil cooler. Which was the original reason for the EGR cooler failure, because of insufficient flow of coolant through the EGR cooler tubes once they crack coolant can enter into the cylinder head which can increase the compression ratios from much farther past the 18 ½ to one which was designed from the factor to 60 to 1 because liquid is a non-compressible and that is the reason why the 20 bolts stretch and head gaskets fail on the 2003 to 2004s. They are basically going to be everything THAT the 2005s to 2007s use except they don’t have SCT fittings. We highly encourage the customer to replace the high pressure oil pump to an upgraded version that has a threaded ball bearing in the Pump itself which was a known failure point all the coolant is flushed on both these year models and the oil is changed with Delo 400 LE.