Our Story


Joey's Truck Center
Diesel Doctor
is dedicated to ensuring your fleet stays on the road and in excellent condition. Our team has been serving the Whiteville area since 2009. We deliver professional fleet and truck repair services and are equipped to handle major and minor repairs.

Your fleet is a major investment, and it is our goal to make sure your vehicle is back on the road as quickly as possible. Our team treats every truck as if it were our own, and we will work with you and your fleet to create a preventative maintenance program that meets your needs and prevents costly breakdowns.


I founded Diesel Doctor in 2009 after years of selling wholesale diesel trucks. I found it very hard to find somewhere that would Diagnose the problem rather than throwing parts at it, hoping they’d get it right. The problem was that it was my money, not theirs. This would cause much frustration in hearing the words, “well that didn’t fix it, I think it needs this”.

The approach We take when working on a customers vehicle is simple. We at Diesel Doctor, treat it as though it is our money being spent. Which means many times spending extra time diagnosing the problem and tracking down its cause. Like any good doctor, you’d hope they’d do the same before operating.

So it was out of necessity, that We started Diesel Doctor. Soon it became more customers vehicles by word of mouth, than it was my own I was repairing. Most people, like myself, cannot afford the cost the dealer charges. These vehicles are very expensive and the parts are high. We can not afford to operate unnecessarily. If your diesel is in need of a Doctor, let us be your lifeline and save your truck and your wallet.

Thank you for your loyal business! We look forward to seeing you
Cass and Abrianna Choate – CEO